In the Shadow of the Wonder Wheel by Carren Strock

When Mallory awakens with no baby, blood on her hands, and a suddenly empty womb, the police assume she's disposed of her unborn child. But she knows she did not. All she can remember is that she heard her baby cry. She is alive, somewhere. Street-wise Moses is her only ally as she attempts to regain her memories while chasing through the seedier side of Coney Iland.

This was a book I could not put down! I read mystery stories all the time, usually in short bursts between busy life interruptions. This book interrupted my busy life, since I could not put it down. This was so well written that I lived with the characters, the story, the locale, and was mystified through it all. I cannot remember when a mystery story last gripped me like this. The author made everything so real, and so enjoyable a read, that I will read it again and again. This is truly a marvelous mystery a brilliant plot with fascinating characters, and amazing attention to details! Amazon review