Sam and Scarlett's Semi-Perfect Life by Rachel Abugov

Scarlett Lifshitz has the perfect life. Almost. Her career is on track (sort of), she has a great apartment and a super-hot boyfriend. So what if her boyfriend doesn’t appreciate her ample curves, her biggest client is a cat rescue site and her social circle consists mainly of her cousins? That’s not so bad. Right?
Enter Sam Walker. The guy who’s crushed on Scarlett ever since summer camp. Scarlett is willing to let him out of the friendzone long enough to pose as her boyfriend at a family wedding. When life gets even more complicated than Scarlett’s convoluted latte order, she’s counting on Sam to help her through. Their life may be semi-perfect, but it’s a Happily Ever After.

Read one of Rachel's books when you're in a good mood. It will multiply it. Read one when you're sad or depressed. Within 5 minutes, your mood will have changed! Read one when you're bored and you'll feel that you have a bunch of friends around you. Read her before you go to sleep and you will get fantastic dreams – if you're able to put the book down, that is! – M. Bronte, Book Blogger