Heir of Magic by J. D. Ruffin


Heir of Magic is the first episode in the action-packed Kingdom War series by acclaimed author J.D. Ruffin. If you crave fantast, intrigue and a dash of wit, you'll love these books!

She's been dead a thousand years. Now she wants her throne back!

Irina was a powerful Mage who tried to crush the nations under her iron fist, only to be thwarted by the selfless sacrifice of magic’s guardian. A millennia later, her cult of fanatics plots to bring her back.

When magicians go missing, Guardsman Keelan Rea is charged with bringing the victims home. His gift of Truthreading made him the nation’s top investigator, but this search tests even his skill. The hunt gets personal when a woman he cares for is taken. The kidnappers’ trail leads Keelan across the border where he finds a trusted neighbor massing troops for a surprise attack.

Princess Jess Vester is destined for the Kingdom’s throne. In her heart, duty battles love. When her mother tries to marry her to an obnoxious backwater Duke, she chooses her boyfriend over the Crown and flees the capital. The same masked men taking magicians now haunt her trail, threatening more than just her freedom.

Time is running out for Keelan to save the magicians and stop a war, and for Jess to save herself.

And if the cultists succeed and Irina rises again, the world will fall.

Heir of Magic had me hooked from the start. Who doesn't love a world full of people with unique magical powers where there's also a dangerous mystery to be solved?

The characters are relatable and intriguing from their first entrances onto the page and I could not wait to find out more about them. I personally loved Keelan and Declan- their individual personalities and brotherly dynamic. The Royal Family, their disagreements, and that fine line between duty and love gave some really great complexity to the story as well. There were a lot of characters in this book and whether they were on it for a few or a hundred pages, they all held my attention and gave color to J.D. Ruffin's enchanting and sometimes terrifying world.

Ruffin does a fantastic job at pacing the story and showing us his world piece by piece in a way that's not overwhelming or cumbersome. The story constantly moved, no page wasted, and the reveals were given in waves as we got closer to the end of the book versus all at once. I really appreciated that as a reader- and boy, were there some reveals I did not see coming!

There are so many exciting mysteries we are left with and I look forward to uncovering the answers to in the sequel.

– Verified Purchase / Amazon Reviewer