A Lead Pill by R A Jacobson


A Lead Pill is the second collection of short stories from a HARD PLACE.
Stories of loneliness and betrayal, of false hope and shattered dreams, of gifts and regrets, of love and accidental kindness. Each story follows separate paths that lead to the understanding that sometimes the only solution is a lead pill.
A life of stacked years never knowing that it was all in service to a memory in Service Up.
What do you do when life has outlived the reason to be alive in Tired of Living.
Finding love in the strangest places can lead to some strange results in Passing it Forward.
The desperate do desperate things that they soon come to regret in Haymaker.
She wanted the power, she just didn’t want to be used by it in The Refusal.
All your life you have wanted something but maybe you didn’t know what that was in The Touch.
His love of numbers led him to ask for something that turned out to be something else entirely in Adding it up.

“knocked the wind out of me”
“A thrilling and violent tale about how the Devil always wins.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed this. It's dark but never too disturbing.”
“What an interesting and captivating collection of stories!”
“Reminiscent of Needful Things by Stephen King”

“Kept me up all night!”