Midnight Oasis Collection by Jill Shannon

Travel to exotic destinations with three couples in three full-length steamy romances in this collection featuring: Onyx, Sapphire, and Black Diamond.

Onyx – Sadie is trying to make it in the music business. Cameron is a man that goes after what he wants, and he has set his sight on her.

Sapphire – Dimitri and Xavier fall in love with Madison, a woman running from her past.

Black Diamond – Dulcinea has recently lost her mother and is struggling with blindness. She meets Jackson a football player in need of a change in his life.

Prepare to board and discover a sensual lifestyle with drama, action, and mystery on their voyage.

Publishers Note: This collection contains sensual scenes and elements of power exchange.

I am so in love with these characters. The passion and description in each scene helps you feel like you are there in person. The first chapter is slow and not as dramatic and exciting. However it is totally crucial to the remainder of the book! Definitely worth the read! Thank you Amazon reviewer