Witness Protection by Carolyn LaRoche

For Angelina Ferrara, hiding her true self has become her normal. She let her heart get in the way and it cost her everything, from her career to her very own name. When Witness protection sticks her in small town Virginia as a teacher, the former NYC cop is sure things cannot get any worse. But, at least she's safe. And alive.

Until the Ricci crime family tries to kill her- again.

Ever since he'd seen the truth of what love could do, Detective Logan James wanted no part of it. He vowed years ago he'd never risk his heart to something as dangerous as love. He hid his loneliness behind a carefree bachelor persona and undercover assignments. When one of those covert gigs lands him in the sights of a beautiful blonde and the crime family trying to kill her, Logan's totally in his element.

With a mafia hitman on their trail, Logan takes Angelina to the one place he knows he can protect her—his family home. Even surrounded by the only people in the world that he can trust, Logan remains guarded. The past taught Logan that love is dangerous, but Angelina makes him wonder if being with her is worth the gamble. Can he trust his heart enough to allow love into his life?

“an excellent read and hard to put down” Amazon reviewer