The Spinning of Deception by Elizabeth Lavender

With the fate of his people on the line, the truth is his greatest weapon…

Eighteen-year-old Dante refuses to let evil conquer the galaxy. And the fact that his own father acts as the instrument of a dark lord’s unrelenting destruction only makes it harder. But when Dante learns a mysterious warrior has strange visions of his family, he discovers she may hold the key to defeating his father.

As sinister attacks threaten more and more planets, he fears their purpose is to prepare for an ultimate showdown. But with clues scarce and the girl’s mission to help him turning deadly, Dante might be running out of time before those he swore to protect are doomed.

Can the young hero unravel the mystery and win freedom for the universe?

The Spinning of Deception is the enthralling first book in the Sunspear science fiction series. If you like epic tales of the battle against darkness, intriguing characters, and dangerous adventures, then you’ll love Elizabeth Lavender’s star-spanning saga.

Buy The Spinning of Deception to fight for goodness and light today!

A real page turner. This book combines the science fiction of Star Wars, the intrigue of Hunger Games, and the depth of C.S. Lewis. I can hardly wait for the next book in this series. – Amazon Reviewer