Ghost Town by AJ Thibault

Three strangers, three days, trapped in a ghost town 100 years in the past.

Brilliant but burned out CIA operative Richard Hart has a midlife crisis. He wants out of the intelligence game for good. But he can’t resist his last and only opportunity to meet the legendary V.M. Moodbain, a grand CIA Chessmaster, who will do anything to keep him engaged.

When Moodbain does not show up for their rendezvous at the appointed time, Hart realizes he has been set up as a pawn in a dangerous cat and mouse game. He finds himself trapped in a desert ghost town in a military experiment gone wrong, 100 years in the past. And there is no way out.

Hunted by ghost riders and desperadoes, Hart must quickly identify what is real, or he will be confined forever to a living nightmare with the spirits of the past.

“Thibault delivers the action of a western and the suspense of a military thriller in Ghost Town, a unique read that everyone can enjoy with desperadoes, ghost riders, military experiments, and relationship drama.” – Liz Konkel for Readers Favorite