A Stone in Time by Kim Allred

AJ Moore's life crumbled with the unexpected death of her beloved father and mentor. Her reporting career stalled, her love-life non-existent, and a family filled with more conflict than love, she relies on her best friend to survive cheerless days in the small town of Bayside, Oregon.
When a two-hundred-year-old ship materializes through the fog, inspiration strikes. AJ sets out to unravel its mystery, but her investigation is hampered by the ship's single passenger—the enigmatic sea captain.

AJ's fiery relationship with the captain deepens to a passion she never thought possible, distracting her from a mysterious obsession plaguing those around her. Their pursuit of an ancient stone necklace curiously points in her direction.

The hunt for one simple story will forever change AJ's life and throw her into a journey that reshapes everything she knew about herself. An adventure that will teach her that life isn't about goals and career. It's about family, loyalty, and trust. Finding love was purely accidental.

Join AJ on an adventure where honor and friendship can beat the odds. And where love transcends time.

“This book series is great. There is a lot of action that keeps you reading. I find it so hard to put down the book.” – Amazon reader