Trawler Trash: A Trawler Trash Novel by Ed Robinson

Be introduced to a new anti-hero. Meade Breeze lives on the far outskirts of society with no visible means of support. He survives on his wits and a meager income derived from selling home-grown dope to suburban housewives and home-brewed rum to bums in the park.
He’s also on the run from his past misdeeds. He fears it will all catch up with him someday, so he stays on the move aboard his classic trawler. Explore the Gulf Coast Islands, Florida Keys, and the Bahamas with Breeze, but keep one eye over your shoulder.
His mission to return his dead wife’s ashes to their special place seems hopeless. He’s going nowhere fast until a chance encounter with a lover from his past changes his luck . . . or does it?

“Trawler Trash is a first rate novel about living, no make that surviving life afloat as told by someone who has done it. Full of heady descriptions of the southwest coast of Florida, the Keys, the Bahamas, Out Islands, all the way down to the British Virgin Islands, every description spot on. I highly recommend this sea story to anyone from those that have visited El Caribe, to the seasoned waterman.”
Wayne Stinnett, Down Island Press