When Two Love As One by Dionne Grace

Book 1 in the The Vision of Love Series series

Rachel Brenner has sworn off men. She’s happily divorced, closer to God and just…free. Love and marriage are not in her remit. As far as she’s concerned, life is complicated enough, even with being a strong Christian, independent businesswoman.
Soon though, she discovers that God has other plans for her life.
David Anderson, with his devastatingly handsome looks and tempting smile wants more, and so it seems does God. But her doubts and fears become her stumbling block, ultimately leading to disobedience and blinding her from the possibilities of when two love as one.

David has been praying for a wife for a while; however, after suffering the pain of his ex-wife’s betrayal, he doubts he will ever trust again. Rachel opens his eyes to a new world of dreams, visions and angels, and a spirituality that he has never before been exposed to. But will his love for Rachel bring about feelings from an unwanted source? A source that has been a thorn in his side for most of his life…

“A wonderful Christian romance that isn't afraid to deal with real-life relationship issues. When Two Love as One opens the door to a romance between Rachel and David, challenging them to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, one step at a time. Dionne Grace skillfully brings the characters to life, introducing Rachel who has been hurt and is reluctant to contemplate a relationship, and David, a strong Christian man, who wants her as his wife. I thoroughly enjoyed their developing romance. A recommended read.” ~ Amazon Reader