The Rosewood Diary by Teri Blake

Book 1 in the Driftwood Bay series

Growing up in North Carolina, Quin couldn’t wait to break free and chase her dreams. Her parents always seemed to want to control her, but she made it to New York anyway. She loved Manhattan life. The same day she got the good news about her paintings, her sister called.

It sounded urgent.

Was it time to finally go home?

For Ryla, she’s always been bitter about growing up in her sister’s shadow. Now, though, she has found the type of perspective one only gets from a hospital bed. Her illness was getting worse. The one piece of unfinished business needed to be handled.

Could she cross the emotional gulf…

…that had come between her and Quin?

In this quaint town, where family comes first, neighbors look out for each other, and old wounds run deep, two sisters need to make amends. But they will need help and will the musings on the pages of an old diary heal or hurt?

The road home is longer than they imagine.

You’ll adore this sister saga, because their struggle rings true for so many. You just might find forgiveness in your heart as they look for their own.

“A heart-warming story of sisterly love. Grab the tissues, you'll need them!” – USA Today bestselling author Lilly Mirren