The Other Side of Dusk by Cherime MacFarlane

Book 1 in the Eilan Water Trilogy series

The only son of the Scotti chief and his Pict mother, Ualan’s life is good one. The confident youth will lead the people one day. Tragically, his mother dies when they are ambushed on a journey to visit kin. The attackers sell Ualan and he finds himself a slave in the farthest north Roman city. When Ualan returns to Eilan Water with his son, confidence has given way to a haunted soul, unsure of his worth.
New to the clan, Sorcha, the blacksmith’s daughter is a temptation. What will she do when she discovers what he did for the Roman woman? Will she reject him?

“MacFarlane is a great story teller. I was transported back in time to Scotland during the time of the Roman unrest. The practice and custom of that time of selling and acquiring humans as slaves are aptly depicted. ” Amazon Customer