The Hunter's Bride by Alexa Piper

Book 1 in the Dusk & Dawn series

Maxim, tall, whimsical, and a vampire, wants to hire a curator for his art collection. Robyn, a newly minted art historian looking for a job, loves fine art and old stuff, and Maxim soon realizes she is not just perfect for the job, but also for him.

Robyn never liked prejudices against vampires, werewolves, or Fae, but the moment she starts working for a vampire, things appear less black and white, especially when she begins to fall for her new boss.

Robyn and Maxim’s young love will have to overcome odds and odd vampires who take issue with the fact that Maxim happens to be a vampire hunter who doesn’t shy away from decapitating his own kind.

“This is a book I would recommend to everyone that likes paranormal romance. The characters and plot are fun, and the romance is rather sweet to watch. They have an instant attraction that neither tries to resist. The love scene is sweet, and both know that they have found the person for them. Have fun sitting back and watching the chaos happen, but you might want to be alone or others might think you are crazy for laughing so much.” ~ 5 Stars from Dryas, Long and Short Reviews