the CULL – Bloodline by Eric J. Gates

Book 1 in the the CULL series

A new, fast-paced and highly original take on vampire lore.

No fangs; no morphing into bats; just adrenaline-pumping fury as two female Federal agents encounter the unimaginable.

2018 READERS’ FAVORITE Honorable Mention Book Award Winner

“I applaud Gates for the well thought out premise, plot, and the way he made his vampires unique, deftly using the classic theme to make the series stand out from other bloodsucker stories. The writing style complements the swift pacing, and there are plenty of action filled and suspenseful moments. Solid characterization gives the characters enough depth and believable traits… in essence Bloodline is gripping, fun, and kept me intrigued from start to finish.”

Amy Bree’s reckless actions result in death and her dismissal from the FBI.

A visit from a mysterious priest propels her back into the fray, as she is partnered with an ex-spy, with fearsome computer skills, and tasked to hunt down the serial killer known as the Blood Sucker.

Their quarry is not what they expect.

The body count rises… and the hunters become the hunted!

“Confident, tough as nails and action packed! the CULL – Bloodline weaves an incredibly fast paced and detailed plot that reads like an action movie Jason Bourne would be envious of.
This title appealed to me on so many levels. Give me a strong female protagonist with actual intelligence, a swift sense of justice and some wicked cool gadgets, and I'm a happy gal. Check! the CULL – Bloodline gives us two for the price of one. Give me a new way to look at vampires, and I'm a really happy gal. Double check! None of that cuddly/creepy once bitten, twice dead stuff. Wrap it all up in the confines of government and Vatican conspiracy, then mainline the adrenaline. CHECK, CHECK CHECK!!! But wait, there's more! The story isn't sidelined by swooning nonsense. Can you hear me singing Independent Women?
Mr. Gates has done his homework (or lived it), the attention to detail is top notch and the pacing is incredible. Couple that with a high-impact, adrenaline fueled story, and you've got an instant hit with readers. Gates has a knack for directing his reader's emotional response throughout, ratcheting the adrenaline up with quick, concise, impacting dialog and action. Then seamlessly transitioning to bring us back down through nearly hypnotic melodious syntax.
I highly recommend the CULL – Bloodline to fans of Paranormal, Crime, Mystery, Suspense and Espionage novels. Those of you who just have to have a dose of romance are strongly cautioned. There's no room for it in this title, because it's already brimming with too much awesome.” – Amazon review