The Bristol Park Detective by Ellie Thornton

Book 1 in the Reboot Mystery series

She's there undercover.

And he knows it.

When a high-profile murder case ends up on Detective Elizabeth Shea’s desk, she thinks she’ll finally be able to prove herself to her superiors; that is until she’s assigned a babysitting detail in a regency themed resort called Bristol Park instead.

Despite being frustrated with her boss, her empire-waist dress, her lack of regency knowledge, and being unarmed, she’s determined to do her best.

Things are going well until one of the actors begins to pester her, she starts to fall for another, and she discovers the woman in her care really is in danger.

With her charge’s life, her career, and her heart at stake, Shea’ll have to be on her guard 24/7 to get the happy ending she hopes for and discover who is behind the Bristol Park murders.

If you like the novel “Pride and Prejudice” and the movie “Miss Congeniality,” you'll love this mystery love story! A Christian romantic suspense worth reading.

A contemporary romantic suspense novel with a traditional detective and regency flair.

“This is a mix of a mystery, quirky romance, and great cop story. The plot was well done and interesting. The romance was unexpected for the reader as well as the heroine. This is an excellent read, check it out!” – Christine M. Pierce