Pay Up and Die by Chuck Buda

Book 1 in the Debt Collector series

Michael Wright has almost run out of options. His debt load is more than he can handle, his credit is shot, and his daughter is dying. His child's only hope is an experimental surgery he can’t even begin to afford. A big payoff from his corrupt, powerful boss is his last chance, but it comes with more than a few strings attached…

After taking the deal, Michael becomes a pawn in the deadly, twisted games of a sick mastermind. And his son is caught right in the middle. With time running out, can Michael save his family or will he lose more than his life in the process?

This is a dark psychological thriller. I initially had it marked as “Horror” – and it is very gruesome and gory (there’s your warning) – but I think “Crime Fiction” works better for me here. No supernatural nasties, all of the monsters are human and depraved in this series-opening book. Psycho-killers. I enjoyed the premise, the pacing was quite good, and I was thoroughly entertained. Shocked and horrified at times – but definitely entertained by this one, and I’ll read more from Chuck Buda. A good, evil read with a nice cliffhanger. – Ronnie Tyler