Man of the Month Club: JANUARY by Ann Omasta & Callie Love

Book 1 in the Man of the Month Club series

The fire at Maggie’s workplace leaves scars on her skin that make her feel undesirable.

Jett shows her she’s beautiful, but his scars run much deeper than hers.

What starts out as a silly matchmaking game turns into the most pivotal moment of their lives as these two broken souls collide in ways they never imagined.

Will Maggie and Jett help each other heal or are some wounds beyond repair? Find out now in Man of the Month Club: JANUARY.

The Hot Shots of Romance Quickies are scorching short stories featuring sexy heroes, curvy heroines, seductive insta-love, sizzling bedroom scenes, and satisfying happily-ever-after endings. Start anywhere. Binge-read them all. Grab JANUARY now and enjoy a perfectly-portioned taste of steamy romance to satisfy your craving.

“Sensual, sensitive, and wonderful… I couldn't put it down and was deeply moved by both characters. The chemistry is intense but so is the compassion that they share for their past journeys. It touched me deeply and it put perspective on a very sensitive and deeply painful history. Their stories , their encounters, their empathy is heartwarming, eye opening, and uplifting. I enjoyed this fresh approach and look forward to more books by this author.” – Amazon Reviewer