Hardball by S.A. Clayton

Book 1 in the Stadium Series series

Hardball- Noun: A forceful uncompromising method employed to gain an end.

Meeting Harper Stevens was never my plan. She crashed into my life and knocked me on my ass.

The only problem? She wants nothing to do with me.

Josh Anderson is everything I didn’t want in my life. He was persistent, cocky, and even worse? The star third baseman for the Hawks.

After my father's death, I swore I’d never be a part of that world again. And yet here I am thinking about a man who lives and breathes baseball. I can’t seem to shake him or the memory of the way his hands felt on my skin.

Can I set aside my fears or will my past ruin everything?

“This book had chemistry, romance, emotion, steamy sex scenes, a stalking ex-boyfriend and a crazy fan! All the necessary ingredients for a great read. I loved our main characters so much” – Amazon Review