Grease Monkey by Harley Wylde

Book 1 in the Bad Boy Romance series

Gwen: I've always been daddy's little girl, or so everyone thinks, but what I've really wanted is to break free of my gilded cage. All anyone ever sees is some rich girl who gets what she wants, but that isn't me. I hate my life and I'd give anything to experience true passion, even if it was just once. I'm a twenty-year-old virgin, and I have no doubt that daddy dearest is going to sell me to the highest bidder. Where's a hero when you need one?

Lance: Women have always come easy to me, but there's never been one that tempted me so much as the debutante stepping out of the silver Mercedes. One look at those gorgeous legs and all I can think about is having them wrapped around me while I make her scream my name. One way or another, she's going to be mine.

WARNING: If you love sexy bearded men who talk dirty, be prepared to have your kindle melted. This is a highly erotic story with a case of insta-love.

“…I really started to enjoy how the plot grew more intricate. With a few plot twists and character surprises my enjoyment and appreciation of the author’s story rose considerably.” — Fern, Long and Short Reviews

“A quick enjoyable read. The writing draws you in and keeps you interested until the end. The chemistry… is great plus their attitudes and events going on make the story even richer.” — Sleep.Reader, Amazon Review

“This story will rev up your heart and have your adrenalin in overdrive.” — Merry Jelks-Emmanuel, Goodreads Review

“Another hot piece by Harley Wylde. Hot, older, possessive, protective, OTT mechanic guy, dirty virgin younger girl, MC vibe, mafia vibe… Exactly what I like.” – Sara, Goodreads Review