GONE: A Psychological Thriller by Sharon A. Mitchell

Book 1 in the When Bad Things Happen series

A typical day of medical appointments and errands. Elizabeth can handle it, she tells herself. She’ll do it all until her husband returns on the weekend.

But someone else has a plan – several someones, throwing Elizabeth’s orderly life into chaos and danger.
Now, she’s on her own. Neither her parents nor her husband is there to protect her. No one knows where they are. If her son is to get out of this alive, it’s up to Elizabeth.

Ordinary people, thrown into extraordinary circumstances. Read Gone, Book One of the psychological thriller series When Bad Things Happen.

This is the first in what is looking to be a phenomenal series.
This is a brilliant read.
Great suspense and action with wonderful world building.
An intriguing book with plenty of breath holding excitement to keep you reading.
What a fantastic book! It held my interest the whole time.
I love this book.
I haven't read anything like it. So much suspense, I actually felt I was in the story.