A Family's Christmas by Carolyne Aarsen

Book 1 in the Love in Millars Crossing series

“I need to talk to you”

These words from her estranged father brought Sarah Westerveld home to Millar’s Crossing for Christmas after many years away.

But when she arrives, her father’s sudden stroke renders him unable to speak. Will she ever find out what he wanted to tell her?

For years Sarah has yearned to be forgiven for the past. A forgiveness that involved her father’s enemy and the man who had haunted her dreams – the ruggedly handsome Logan Carleton.

Logan and Sarah’s father have a dark past she has only heard hints of. But that hasn’t stopped her from being attracted to him when she lived in Millar’s Crossing. Thinking of a future with him.

When she ends up coaching his little brother’s basketball team, threatening his potential scholarship, Logan isn’t sure spoiled Sarah Westerveld is the right person for the job. Isn’t sure her father’s influence and power hasn’t made her prejudiced to the Carleton family. But as he challenges her abilities, knowing what is on the line for her brother, she is determined to prove to him that she is nothing like her father.

Can Sarah discover the secret her father is hiding? A secret that is woven into the tragedies that haunt Logan as well? And will the discovery tear the growing relationship they have struggled to rebuild?

A Family’s Christmas is the first book in the Love in Millar’s Crossing series. Buy a Family’s Christmas today and escape to the town of Millar’s Crossing in this sweet romance about secrets and salvation and second chances.

“If you like clean heartfelt stories with second chances, you will like A Family Christmas'. ” Sheila Garrison