Dragon's Covenant by Natalie Grey

The Warlord of Ymir needs to die, and Talon Rift has sworn he'll be the one to make it happen.

As commander of one of the most decorated Dragon teams in history, Talon Rift has taken down the worst humanity has to offer—slave traders, terrorists, arms traffickers, and more.

But one of his quarries has always eluded him: the Warlord of Ymir, the man who marched an army of mercenaries onto a planet decades ago and has held it ever since. Taking the Warlord down with a team of 16 is a suicidal idea…

But Dragons aren't known for their good sense of self-preservation. They're known for doing whatever it takes.

And when Talon learns that the Warlord might have help from inside the Alliance government, he vows that he will stop at nothing to bring the Warlord and all of his allies to justice.

“As a Marine I really respect these characters. ” -Amazon Reviewer