Dragon Wings by Sharla Wylde

Seeking revenge for his brother’s death, the future ruler of the last dragon city must infiltrate the murderous drug lord’s domain. To honor his brother, Sebastian is determined to have the criminals arrested and dealt with by human standards. Months of hard work has put Sebastian in the perfect place to spring his trap; until he discovers a woman attempting to bring down the same killer.

Lila is a cop gone rogue. She’s worked the case for months after her best friend was murdered only to be pulled off it when she gets close. Prepared for exact her revenge, she discovers a man hell-bent on getting in her way.
When he blows his cover to rescue her, he unravels a secret she doesn’t know. Can he help her discover her true identity and keep her in his life? Or will he lose the one woman who fascinates both him and his dragon?

Absolutely Fantastic! Loved this story. – Anonymous Newsletter Reader