Chasing the Duke by Tracy Sumner

She’s not chasing a duke ever again.

~FCRW National Excellence in Fiction Award Winner, Best Novella~GDRWA Booksellers’ Best Finalist

*Second chance.*Best friend's little sister.*Girl who has loved him forever.*Duke who is just figuring it out.

With her final season in the ton a surprising success, Lady Camille Bellington retires to her family’s Yorkshire estate for Christmas with a marriage proposal in hand. Beautiful and charming, but too independent for society, Camille has given up on the hope to marry for love. So she will marry for duty. The man of her childhood dreams hasn’t been home in three years, even to secure his dukedom, and her heart went with him.

His best friend's little sister is lost to him…

War hero Tristan Tierney, Duke of Mercer, returns to his ancestral home for the holidays to find himself burdened with a title and the woman he left behind betrothed to another. As he’s only seen death and destruction for years, he’s come to believe true love is a myth. His aloof demeanor veils his deepest unspoken desire, to possess Camille Bellington.

Childhood friendship gives way to something altogether more dangerous as two people give love a second chance.

If you like mischievous heroines and devilish dukes with a splash of Regency STEAMY splendor thrown in, then you’ll adore Chasing the Duke.

“A completely absorbing storyline. Breathes new life into the genre!”– CoffeeTime Romance Reviews