Waiting In A Room Of Weeds by Tim Sabados


Brayan, a seasoned nurse, is working his usual shift in the emergency room. Except tonight, nothing is routine. There are the patients who were involved in a terrible accident. The detectives who have been methodically questioning Brayan’s co-workers. The unusual flashbacks that plague his memory and make him question what’s truly happening around him. Something is out there that ties it all together. Something that he’s forgotten and if he can’t figure it out, the consequences could be deadly.

The more he works, the stranger things become. All of it has put Brayan on a path that leads him to the precipice of solving the mystery, but can he unravel it before it’s too late? Or will his entire existence be wiped out—along with everyone else he’s had contact with?

“Awesome read! Really well written with captivating twists and an unexpected ending.” – Amazon reviewer