Undercurrents in Time by Pamela Schloesser Canepa


Time travel took Tabitha and Milt to places they could never have imagined. Now, it seems the very things that cemented their bond will also drive a wedge between them emotionally. Travel to the future, discovery of a long-lost, troubled family member, and an unplanned baby all have taken a toll.

Tabitha struggles to accept her new identity as a mother while remaining a strong, independent woman. She longs for a getaway, even a short one, but that getaway puts her on a collision course with danger.

Milt is busy trying to prevent a horrible future disaster at the hands of an enemy he has not yet met. While concerned, Milt doesn’t even suspect Tabitha’s plans…the very plans that will have her facing Milt’s nemesis.

Tabitha risks it all on a brief escape. How will she handle the unforeseen dangers she faces and make her way back home? How far will Tabitha and Milt go to prevent tragedy?

This book is the second in a series but can be enjoyed alone and is read by the talented Daniela Acitelli who makes the emotion and the action come alive.

“After an emotion-filled tight rope of a beginning, this tale settles in and an easy-to-follow adventure begins! A little danger, a lot of luck and some amazing characters really make this tale tick! This isn't a rapid-fire tale, but it IS very human as we travel to a future I certainly never imagined!”-Tome Tender Book Blog
“Tabitha is a dynamic and very well written character!” -Kit, ARC Reader