The Tender Art of War by Vlad Kahany

Deceived noblemen. A trail of crimes. And behind all of it is the most fascinating schemer Europe has ever seen but hasn’t caught yet.

Jean-Christophe De Luca—the schemer goes by many names. Devilishly handsome, daring, and witty, he plays people like chess pieces. And when Kat Wilde sees him in the Grand Parlor of the Belle House, she recognizes him—the man who a year ago so shamelessly robbed her in plain view. She’d love to hate him. Except the scoundrel is irresistible, and Kat is no angel herself.

De Luca has had many women but hasn’t met one like a haughty courtesan from a luxury brothel on Piccadilly. Catherine “Kat” Wilde is striking and is rumored to be an insatiable lover. But he doesn’t expect to meet a fellow fraudster with a touch of an angel and a mind of a devil. Finally, he has a worthy partner—in schemes as well as in bed. He is more than curious—he wants to have the little courtesan wrapped around his finger.

The deal is made. The sparks ignite and grow into a blaze. Except this blaze starts feeling a lot like love. And that’s the game they haven't played before.

The question isn’t whether they will outsmart the law. It’s whether they will surrender to their feelings.

“The Tender Art of War” is a steamy and twisted book 5 in “The Belle House” series. It's a stand-alone novel, complete with HEA and no cliffhangers. It contains explicit scenes for mature audience only!

“This book is a true work of art! Set in Victorian London, both its story line and its erotic content are masterfully handled.” – Amazon review
“The book took me on an emotional roller coaster, especially during the last half. The whole story was a mystery that wasn’t revealed until almost the end.” – Amazon review
“Wow, I was not prepared for this book. The author took it to new depths. Just when I thought I figured out everything the plot kept twisting. You will get emotionally invested if you read this book.” – Amazon review