The Boxer and the Blacksmith by Edie Cay

Can London’s lady champion fight for love?

As London’s undefeated women’s boxer, Bess Abbott has the scars—both inside and out—to prove it. But when one of her boxing students, Violet, needs protection, Bess Abbott’s rock hard heart cracks open. And when a handsome blacksmith comes along, giving her compliments and treating her, well, like a woman, Bess doesn’t know what to do. She’s on the ropes in the face of his affections.

Os Worley was a child when he became an accidental stow-away. He grew up not knowing the family or the island that inflected his accent. His only memory of his mother is a head bent, hands working a stitch, a voice humming a melody. Now that he has his own foundry, and his own apprentice, he’s come to London to find the woman attached to this impression. His heart is already tempered and quenched, focused on his goal—but a lady boxer threatens to recast his love in her own image.

As Os and Bess face off, will they toe the line or retreat to their corners?

Book Two in the When The Blood Is Up series. Can be read as a standalone.

Discovering Diamonds May 2021 Book of the Month
Winner of the Hearts Through History 2019 Legends Award

“The author provides an enthralling story that illustrates life in Regency London. Her dialogue is crisp and pointed and not overly complicated. Life is hard for those not of the social elite, and everyday trials and tribulations are explored, often in exquisite detail. ” – Historical Novel Society