On Distant Shores by Wes Snowden

Solidly convincing and wholly engrossing…
Treachery, murder, love, and ambition mark Snowden’s page-turning latest, a tale of one man’s journey of revenge and redemption. When Rory O’Flynn unexpectedly inherited a ten-acres property in Ireland, he had no idea he was going to be instrumental in unearthing his ancestors’ long-buried past: After Jonathan Flynn lost his whole family to tragic circumstances in 1847 Ireland, it was just the beginning of a series of unfortunate incidents that followed the struggling young man. Trying to escape his dangerous enemies, Jonathan boards a ship to Boston, but fate has other plans for him. Snowden’s cast is morally diverse, and the fast-moving narrative beautifully highlights the book's underlying message of retribution and deliverance. The intricate worldbuilding and winding storyline with almost nonstop shocking twists keep the pages turning. At its core, the novel is an exploration of one man’s journey of survival in the face of depravity and deprivation and his ability to rise above his birth station

The Prairies Book Review ***** Five stars

You know that feeling when you open a book and read the first few pages and know right then that you have a good one? Well, this book is one of those. It’s a great story beginning with a couple trying to restore a small vacation cottage in Ireland. It continues with the story of a family trying to survive on that same land during the potato famine in Ireland.
I was going to call this a saga rather than a story. Not because it’s long but because it covers a long time period and even more so, it has so many elements. It has plenty of action, sadness, happiness, and some parts so realistic that it seems non-fiction now and then. Some romance and love done very tastefully yet enough to make my cheeks blush slightly:) and some cruelties committed that were enough to make my stomach churn and the tears to fall:(
I want you to think about this. You know how some people throw out a disparaging comment such as “oh anyone can write”? Realistically we all know that isn’t true. An author, a talented one, can place mere words on paper and in the composition of those words, can evoke the reader’s emotions. That’s what real writing is and that’s what you have here…. Amazon Certified reader ***** Five star review