Love-LINES by Sheri Langer

Single mom Fordham Price is juggling her job at a small publisher, her precocious 10-year-old daughter, and her feisty mother. She wants to find time for men, but after a series of dating disasters, Fordham’s relationship status is still stuck at single. Determined to do better, she tells her relentless, happily-married best friend to cease and desist with the well-intentioned matchmaking.

As if her macchiato lite wasn’t already over-flowing, a co-worker gets pregnant, and Fordham is expected to step in and deliver the company’s latest reality read from the Flowers from the Heart series. As she combs through submissions, Fordham begins to long for the kind of love she thought was possible before her bitter divorce left her skeptical and guarded. Somewhere in the mounting pile, she comes across a story from a widower whose prose gives her tingles in all the places she forgot existed. His words draw her in until she finds herself daydreaming about him more than she’d care to admit.

After a search for the author yields disappointing results, Fordham is just about ready to give up on romance when her “one that got away” over two decades earlier, crosses her path with an offer to rewrite the past. Fordham contemplates if this is destiny revisiting or just a distraction from her latest intrigue, her daughter’s handsome, new elementary school principal.

“Stop whatever you're doing and get a copy of Love-Lines! This book is a gem that will have you laughing out loud. A must-read and I can't wait for whatever Sheri Langer has coming next!” – Melanie Mayron, Emmy Award winning actress and director, (Jane the Virgin; Grace and Frankie; Glow; film 2018, Snapshots,”thirtysomething”)