Learn to Love Again by Gemma L. Perfect

• Heartbroken and betrayed, Ava isn’t looking for love, but fate and Mack – her super sexy, super sweet, dance partner – have other ideas •

When she finds her fiancé cheating on their wedding day, Ava can’t imagine ever being happy again.

When a dream job opportunity lands in her lap, it’s exactly the distraction she needs. She’s working on board a cruise ship, and the holiday atmosphere, combined with the freedom and friendships, change everything.

And then there’s Mack. He’s ticks every box on her ‘dream man’ list and he’s interested in her.

But can she trust again? Be vulnerable again? Learn to love again?

“Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Couldn't put it down as I needed to know the ending. Pre ordered the next two!!” Lisa B – Amazon Customer