James by Jenifer Jennings

James ben Joseph struggles with his older brother’s murder. He never would have believed Jesus was a zealot, but his brother’s wild teachings drew the unwanted attention of the Pharisees. James traveled with his siblings to Jerusalem for Passover in hopes of convincing Jesus to return home and leave his foolish — and dangerous — views in his head where they belonged.

After conflict and betrayal result in Jesus’ arrest, James is forced to turn his back on his brother to protect the rest of their family from retaliation. James believed if Jesus had stayed home, he would still be alive. Instead, Jerusalem is painted with his blood.

With Jesus dead and buried, James hopes the effects of his outrageous claims are entombed with him. When rumors start circulating that Jesus has risen from the dead, James’ mourning is met head-on with fear of persecution. He must keep his family safe from the chaos and riots until he can find out who is spreading the dangerous gossip.

Can James finally settle the unrest his brother’s life and death left behind so his family can leave Jerusalem in peace? Or will facing the truth change his and his siblings’ path forever?

Be prepared to experience the sights, smells, and sounds of first-century Jerusalem in James, book one of the Servant Siblings series.

“Another great series by Jenifer Jennings! I always wondered just how Jesus's siblings would have taken him and this book was spot on. I love her writing style and how she can make her characters just the way you thought they were in the Bible. This is a must read and I can't wait to read about the rest of Jesus's siblings in the coming books!” – (5 Stars, Katherine, GoodReads)