Dangerous Pursuits by Dana Mentink, Mary Alford, Cynthia Hickey, Dana R. Lynn, Ronie Kendig, Therese Heckenkamp, Gina Holder, Carol Nemeth, Cara Putman, Alana Terry, Lenora Worth, Lisa Harris, Sharee Stover, Terri Reid, Shirlee McCoy

Start your fall off right with 15 gripping tales of Clean and Christian suspense from today's most popular ladies of mystery and suspense.

Join Mary Alford, Lisa Harris, Therese Heckenkamp, Cynthia Hickey, Gina Holder, Ronie Kendig, Dana R Lynn, Shirlee McCoy, Dana Mentink, J. Carol Nemeth, Cara Putman, Sharee Stover, Terri Reed, Alana Terry, Lenora Worth on a dangerous journey filled with mystery and suspense that will keep you turning pages until the very. Last. One.