Break Every Rule by Serena James Chase

As a successful Manhattan venture capitalist, Alan Mitchell knows all about taking risks. And when Alan gambles, he always wins; winning just seems to come naturally to him. But that isn’t the case when it comes to his ex-fiancée. The same ex-fiancée that he’s expected to see in four weeks. The one woman he knows will upend his life.

But Alan isn’t going to let that happen.

Brianna, a high-priced escort, understands the role she plays in her clients’ lives. Her current assignment is any escort’s dream: pretending to be the girlfriend of a drop-dead gorgeous billionaire and enjoy an all-expenses-paid trip while doing it.

When Alan and Brianna’s worlds collide, he is immediately taken with her, feelings that she doesn’t return. Feelings that she can’t return.

Brianna has a boyfriend she adores and a solid plan for the rest of her life. Alan’s whims are a distraction she doesn’t need or want…

But as she spends more time with Alan, temptation threatens her peaceful life, and she finds herself beginning to examine what she truly wants.

Lines are crossed. Rules are broken. A contract ties them together. And though they may not know it yet, their lives are beginning to change.

“Very interesting and I loved it. New author to follow” – Goodreads Reviewer