Unforeseen Riot by Karen Renee


Mallory Pierce has been hiding from life after losing her husband and son to a drunk driving accident. Friends tried to get Mallory to get back into the swing of things; but it isn’t until she meets Riot MC biker, Cal Robertson, when Mallory begins to live again. The chemistry between Mallory and Cal is explosive from the beginning. Soon after meeting Cal, Mallory’s home is burglarized. When Cal finds out about the home invasion, he insists on helping Mallory put the pieces back together. Even though Mallory is physically attracted to Cal, she knows she doesn’t fit in with his biker lifestyle.
Mallory’s relationship with Cal has a rough start, but the two of them cannot stay away from one another. After an attempt by a rival MC to abduct Mallory she finds herself practically living with Cal. There are many things she doesn’t understand about his lifestyle and his world, but she understands she’s quickly developing feelings for this over-protective alpha male.

Cal “Callous” Robertson has been a patched member of the Riot MC for the past nineteen years. He’s fascinated by the spunky brunette, Mallory Pierce, who is one of the only women to push his buttons. He thinks Mallory’s mother-in-law is behind the break-in at Mallory's house, but at such an early point in their relationship Cal keeps that to himself. When a member of a rival MC shows interest in Mallory, Cal can no longer deny his attraction to her.

Cal is determined to protect Mallory, and get to know her better along the way. The more he finds out, the more he wants her in his life. Permanently. When Mallory is abducted from Bike Week right under Cal’s nose, he finds he cannot live without this spitfire woman in his life, and he’ll do whatever he has to in order to get her back.

“This is a great start to a new bikers series. Mallory has recently lost a lot in her life and has not really been “living” until Cal intercepted a phone call with her friend igniting Mal’s fire. Cal is a true alpha biker who wants Mal to be part of his life. He helps here deal with some of her problems, taking charge of the situation. There is plenty of heat between these two and the bike just adds to it. But I must say the supporting characters really caught me. I can’t wait until the next book (which is due out in August) as I’m dying for some more bikers. Definitely a must read.” ~ Amazon Reviewer