The Fae King by Ava Mason


She is the human destined to destroy his world.
He is the Fae king sent to kill her.
He wasn’t supposed to fall in love with her.
She wasn’t supposed to be his Fated Mate.


Everyone’s twenty-first birthday is supposed to be something to remember. A milestone, a step into real adulthood.
My birthday was when everything changed.
That’s the day the men showed up.
Everywhere I went, they watched me, creeping closer, trying to find a second when I was alone.
They all wanted the same thing; to capture me and bring me back to their world.

One was different. Dark, mysterious, and sexy, he stood out from the rest. He had come for my blood.

 “I could NOT out this sucker down! Drawn in from the first few paragraphs and down I went into this exciting rabbit hole.”  Mariah O, Amazon Reviewer

“Every book of this series is a page turner. I had to keep reading until I got to the end.” Kindle Customer, Amazon Reviewer

“I am totally hooked on this story. I really love Kip & Stryder. The tension between those two is just WOW. I love stories about the Fae! And to be able to read about a Fae King is awesome. Not to mention he's super SMEXY…just look at that cover haha!” Kimiko637, Amazon Reviewer

“I HIGHLY recommend this series!!!! It's a must read for fans of FAE!!! And HOTT, sexy, loyal, romantic, warrior types.” Susie Johnson, Amazon Reviewer

“Reading this book is probably top 10 best things to ever happen to me. This book is full of a stubborn, sassy young woman and one possessively hot alpha Fae.” Courtney Nicole, Amazon Reviewer

“Ava has done it again. She's created a series that has it all. Forbidden love, action, romance, and Fae… Where is the movie for this?” Alexandra Flores, Amazon Reviewer

“It didn't take me very long to realize that it would be a very late night, I just couldn't put her latest book down.” Cathy, Amazon Reviewer