Making the Love List by Barbara DeLeo


Successful, reserved restaurateur Lane Griffiths is made of loyalty. He owes the Katsalos family big time, so is happy to help with the renovations of their wedding hall—at least until he finds himself stuck working with his best friend's gorgeous, but totally off-limits little sister, Yasmin.

Yasmin Katsalos is done with being a good little Greek girl. Having survived a near-death experience, she's made a list of all the things she was too afraid to do before, and is determinedly checking them off. And it just so happens that her big brother's best friend is the perfect choice for “seducing a tall, dark, and handsome man out of my league.”

As Yasmin turns up the heat in her attempts to win Lane, she can't understand the dazzling man's reluctance to give in to their obvious attraction. And though Lane can't get the blossoming young woman out of his head, he knows that giving in to their desire could blow both their worlds apart.

Making the Love List is Book 1 in Tall, Dark and Driven, the sweet, small-town contemporary romance series that readers can't get enough of. If you love smoldering chemistry, witty banter, and big ensemble casts, then you'll fall for Barbara DeLeo's irresistible stories.

The Tall, Dark and Driven series is one of my new favs! I enjoyed this book a bunch. It was exciting, adventurous, and heartbreaking. Great beach or by the pool read! ~ 5 star Amazon review

The writing draws you in and keeps you involved throughout the whole story. I found myself in love with not only the characters but also the world that was created. ~ 5 star Amazon review

Loved the viewpoints and storylines. Will definitely be reading more from this author soon. ~ 5 star Amazon review

If you're looking for a small-town romance that has all the swoons, then this book and series are a must read. ~ 5 star Goodreads review

I was hooked and intrigued throughout and look forward to reading more from this author whose work I recommend for all. ~ 5 star Goodreads review