Love at Turtle Dove Inn by Susan Warner


Riley Jackson thinks she’s finally caught a break when she gets a job offer back home in Inheritance Bay. But when she arrives, the job has fallen through. And then nearly getting run over by a handsome bachelor? Hardly surprising at this point. She can’t refuse his offer for a job though, especially because it comes with room and board.

Conner Sanders bought the Turtle Dove Inn—a romantic notion to give his parents a chance to relive their honeymoon. But the inn needs a lot of work, which is why Riley is the perfect answer. If only he could figure out why the small-town residents don’t seem willing to help him. Or why he can’t stop thinking about kissing his beautiful new hotel manager.

Riley isn’t looking for love and Conner doesn’t think love is in his skillset. Can two strangers learn to let go of their past mistakes and be healed by unconditional love?

Start reading today and discover the small-town charm, irresistible chemistry, and sweet storylines of the Inheritance Bay series.

“The characters are fun, engaging, relatable and easy to get to know.” – Amazon Reviewer