In Times of Peace: Dance of Darkness & Light Episode 1 by The Loneliest Lone Wolf


The first book in the Dance of Darkness & Light Series introduces you to the dying Universe within which our story is set, but it does so much more than just that! Written in an easy to read conversation style narrative, this book will also introduce you to an ensemble cast of relatable characters that come together to bring their world alive!

And in the heart of this saga are two unlikeliest of protagonists… an ordinary girl and a once extraordinary boy… this is their story. The story of how they try and find a place for themselves in a changing new world as their old world begins to collapse… two lost souls alone in the vast star system trying to help each other find their paths… just as a great War charges ahead on its path to them!

Witness how the lives of the characters within this world are changed forever as the world around them continues to change! The conversation style narrative will place you right in the middle of what they face and show you what they feel in a manner you haven't seen before!

“I enjoyed reading In Times of Peace. I would recommend it to readers who enjoy books such as The Hunger Games or the Divergent series.” – from review