High Heels and Handguns by Lisa Heartman


For Kate Howard, former Army Special Forces Sergeant, life as a one-woman personal protection detail comes with challenges. Wearing civilian camouflage while guarding high-profile clients is a dangerous game of rock, paper, hollow point.

After an explosive and deadly end to her client’s reelection fundraiser, which left his young son in critical condition, Kate must accept help from an unwanted source: the soldier she loved and left in Afghanistan, bloody, broken, and barely alive.

Special Forces Officer Paxton Banks, Kate’s former captain—now an FBI agent—is assigned to investigate the attempt on her client’s life. After ten years, old emotions and new threats whip Kate's world into complicated chaos. But when other elected officials are threatened, Kate and Paxton must tamp down their fiery feelings to catch a madman hell-bent on revenge.

“If you blink you might miss something. You want to laugh and cry at the same time.” -Amazon Reviewer
“A perfect mix of danger, mystery, and romance with a really kick-ass female lead.” – Amazon Reviewer
“Lisa Heartman does a good job of balancing the serious nature of the threats to Kate’s client and FBI investigation with a slight edge of comedy, a few entertaining supporting characters, the thrill of the chase, and a developing romance.” -Amazon Reviewer