For the Love of Murphy by CJ Love


Katie Thomas leaves Chicago and, hopefully, her bad memories there for a fresh start in Colorado where she will stay with her brother. But on the way, the stagecoach she’s riding in is robbed, three men are killed, and Katie is suspected of being a part of it all. It seems she’s the only one who knows where the stolen moneybag is. Except—she remembers nothing of that entire trip.

Sheriff Sam Murphy thinks he’s never seen a more beautiful young woman than Katie, even as wild, dirty, and disheveled as she is when he comes upon her in the woods, pointing a gun at his face. Still, he must do his duty and arrest her. Meanwhile, Katie’s brother, the town doctor, is keeping the only other witness alive—barely.

Things only get more complicated as Katie’s past catches up with her, and a New York mobster tracks her West, to tiny Victor City, Colorado. Can Katie dredge up the events of that fateful day and provide the clues Sam needs to clear her name and to find out where the money went, or will the judge sentence her to hang or the mobster and his cohorts finish off both Katie and the sheriff? And what about the spark she feels when Murphy is around—will Katie live to find out whether there’s a chance for a future for Katie and the cowboy she has grown to love?

Readers who love CJ Love’s romantic comedies will be thrilled to pick up this new Western cowboy romance series, first in the Murphy family saga!

Praise for CJ Love’s novels:

“You have to read this book!! The author is witty and charming, and the mystery is FABULOUS. Don’t miss this one!” –5 stars, Amazon (on Juliet and Dead Romeo)

“A delightful read! A love story with mystery, comedy and a lighthearted read. If you are looking to get away from the stresses of your everyday life and have a breath of fresh air this is the book for you! Looking forward to the next one.” –5 star online review (on Juliet and Dead Romeo)

“This book was absolutely hysterical, which is just what I expect from this author. Well-written and engaging, and the humor is just PERFECT. I really enjoyed each of the characters and felt like I was living the story alongside of them. I literally stayed up way too late into the night to finish this one—couldn’t put it down!” – 5 stars, online review

“This was such a fun read … I could not put this book down! Would absolutely recommend this book and can’t wait to read more.” – 5 stars, Amazon