Deadly Memory by Jess Austen


Samantha King is a hopeless romantic when it comes to love. On vacation in London, England, she meets a guy that she could really go for. But he disappears on her, breaking her heart. The next morning, she finds out why – he was murdered in the alley behind the pub. The killer is after her next.

Tom Bridges is a Data Intelligence Officer for the civilian branch of MI5. He wants to find out who killed his friend and retrieve the evidence that the agent was bringing in. Sam has it and he knows it. He’s going to have to keep her safe in order to get it from her. Because the killer knows she has it too. Even if she doesn’t know it.

The attraction between Tom and Sam is immediate. And platonic, to her disappointment. If Tom will stop being all business and give her a chance, she might be able to break the romance curse. If they both live that long.

“This book grabs you at page 1 and you can't put it down til finished!” — reader review

“I will put in that this is an amazing story and only book one to the series. So if you fall in love with the book, there are two more in the series to keep you going.” — reader review