Chronicles of the Seventh Realm Box Set Books 1 – 13 by NAK Baldron


Two presumed heroes thrown to the wolves of destiny, forced to adapt or die. One on Earth, one on Fencura, both their fates entwined.

Kandice was a typical high school senior on Earth until a monster murdered her mother. A monster only Kandice can see.

Ren is a social outcast, taunted by his peers, but one thing sets him apart. He is the first sorcerer in three hundred years. Fencura has been waiting for him.

Fueled by rage Kandice stalks the nights hunting the monsters in hopes of finding the one that killed her mom. Her dutiful hunts are repaid when she discovers another hunter. Together they uncover a horrific truth about the city’s seedy underbelly.

Once Ren’s powers manifest it’s a race against time for him to get out of Pearl Nation. With the help of his mentor, it might be possible for him to escape the wrath of the nation’s most powerful man, but it won’t be easy. For an orphan, nothing ever is.

Kandice’s need to know why her mother died, only leads to more dangerous questions as they work together to save the city.

Ren’s escape attempt comes at a cost that only time will tell if he can repay.

Chronicles of the Seventh Realm is an engrossing Young Adult Epic Fantasy about an unfortunate cast of characters who’s fates are entwined.

The fate of two worlds rest in their hands.

Their choices will reshape the destiny of gods.

“Thirteen books forming a single story that leaps from country to country, from world to world, and past to present and back again and again. The author skillfully weaves all the strands together. A great tale that I wish would see print faster. I recommend this collection.”
~ James McGinnis ★★★★★