Chasing Victory by Olivia Peters



When my best friend’s older brother breaks my heart, I flee to New York City without ever looking back. Well, almost ever. It’s not always easy to leave his perfectly chiseled body in my rear view.

I’m determined to resist temptation and his pleas for me to move back home. Back to him. History always repeats itself, and when a man breaks you once, only a fool would let him do it again…

So I guess you can call me a damn fool.


Letting the love of my life walk away was the biggest sacrifice I ever made. And now Victory has me firmly in the barely-friends zone as the penance I deserve.

When tragedy throws us back together, we seek comfort in the familiarity of each other’s arms – and my bed. I’ve finally earned a second chance, and I won’t make the same mistake twice…

Even if that means lying to her about the real reason we broke up.

“Olivia Peters has surpassed my expectations by a mile with Chasing Victory. Such a powerful and intense story that will hold you in it’s grip until the very last page! I felt every single emotion pouring out of Cade and Victory, extreme heat, frustration, anger, grief, love, and happiness. This story will take you on a ride that will leave you feeling it long after it’s over! Highly recommend you read this book!” Goodreads Reviewer