Cats and Catnapping by Julia Koty


An epic road trip, a snarky cat, and a sketchy catnapping.

Well, one thing is for certain, my new life isn’t going to be boring.

I am so over my old life. Living with a controlling sister is one thing, living with a controlling psychic sister is another. I’ve been doing the opposite of everything she tells me to do.

Yeah, that hasn’t gone so well. I need a fresh start in a new place like Pleasant Pond, Pennsylvania. The road trip would be a lot better without the grumbling cat in the passenger seat. And yes, I can hear him talk. And no, I refuse to even contemplate that I might be psychic.

Things really take a turn, though when we witness a catnapping. Now, I have two choices. Follow the catnapper and try to rescue my cat's new love interest or listen to him bellyache about my lack of doing this, for the rest of my life.
Yeah, we are going to have to rescue that cat.

A great beginning to a series that has so much going on! Interesting mystery with great characters. Don't miss this! – Amazon Reviewer