Bowser Belles Boxset by Teddy Cat Hester


This set contains all three books of the lighthearted, sweet Bowser Belles series. Hang out with the friends and their personable pooches at the Bow-Wow Bistro for fun and romance!

Book 1: Play at Love (formerly Bunny)–novella

Bunny Cloverfield prioritizes pooches over partners.

Max Sheridan woos work, not women.

From the moment Bunny's spaniel gobbles up one of Max's backgammon checkers, to the fight over who gets to cuddle with whom, it's a roll of the dice as to who will end up winners.

In the end, can canines save a couple headed for the doghouse, or will these two humans continue merely to play at love?

Book 2: Run from Love–novel

Scarlett Peacock has a strict six-month rule when it comes to dating. That means no meeting the family or attending any corporate functions. After the six months are up, it’s goodbye, no discussion, no regrets.

Single parent Nick Schafer has always been a partnership type of man, both personally and professionally. His six months are almost up, and he's in love. He also needs Scarlett help to secure a coveted partnership at his investment firm.

If he pushes all her boundaries to make that happen, can he also win her heart, or will it make her do what she always does and run from love?

Book 3: Learn to Love (formerly Megan)–novel

Megan Pennybaker and William Love are Pollyanna and Charlie Brown in the flesh.

Their first encounter isn't promising. Neither are their second or third. In fact, they'd just as soon avoid each other, except unfortunately, they're neighbors, and they're after the same piece of land.

She thinks he's like all the others who look through her rather than seeing her. And he thinks she’s like the woman who abandoned him in his darkest hour.

She can’t stand the little black cloud he carts around on his golf course, even though she’s drawn to his rock-solid steadiness. He can’t stand the way she views life through rose-colored glasses like the gifted preschoolers she teaches, even as it fills his heart with hope.

When their worlds collide, can these opposites learn to love?

All of these books stand alone. They contain no cussing, some alcohol consumption, mild non-graphic sexual tension. Each has a guaranteed Happily Ever After, with no cliffhanger.

“A sweet series full of love, dogs and crazy circumstances.” ~Amazon Reviewer