Beehives and Broken Heroes by Ellie Thornton


Allie Ward is swearing off men for good. She’s had it with their lying, thieving, and cheating ways. What she needs to focus on is bettering herself and her business.

But the studly, new investor to her “Sticky and Sweet” honey company, Brandon Carroll, keeps getting in her head. He’s not like the guys she’s dated before. He’s reserved, tough, hard to rile, and surprisingly flirty when she least expects it. She’s torn between wanting to hide from him, and wanting to kiss the life out of him. But, she’ll do neither because she’s a professional . . . and done with men.

Ex-military police officer, Brandon Carroll falls fast for Allie Ward. With her open, crazy, and vivacious zest for life, she’s exactly what he needs to mend his broken heart. But when a ghost from his past rears its sinister head, Brandon will have more than a gorgeous, fighting redhead to deal with. By law, he must keep the mounting dangers stamped “top secret” from her.

But Allie isn’t going to tolerate secrets. In fighting to keep his past from her, he just might lose her for good.

“I loved this beautifully written Harvest Ranch romance that had relatable characters, humor, a bit of suspense, small town charm and sweet romance between Brandon Carroll, ex-military police who recently moved to Harvest Ranch and Allie Ward who owns Sticky and Sweet Honey Company with her twin, Jo. This multi-author series has not disappointed whatsoever and I have even added some authors to my auto-buy list. If you enjoy smartly written contemporary romance that you can't put down, don't miss “Beehives and Broken Heroes” by Ellie Thornton.” – Pamela R Mitchell