A Veil for the Vanguard by Danny F. Santos


Kera is a lowly librarian’s aide who is forced to undertake a perilous journey she's untrained for…

…but unknown to her, larger forces at work in the shadows. She'll soon learn her deadly quest will lead to far greater dangers than she ever realized.

Why her? Kera has the least magic power at the Citadel, and they choose her to head into enemy territory? Crazy!

To find the most powerful magical artifact ever known? Certifiably insane!

Not to mention the thing has been lost for over a century. On top of that, she must team up with celebrated relic hunter, Jorthen. Intimidating? Just a little.

But Kera has no choice. The High Council has spoken. So she boards an airship with a motley crew who have secrets of their own—and little hope of success. What they discover is far beyond an artifact as they unravel the dark secrets leading to a deadly global war.

Hunted by a secret organization, only Kera knows of the looming threat. Can she escape her pursuers and warn her people before thousands are killed?

“I cannot put down the book until the end and I am already impatient for the next one in the series. The author manages the perfect equilibrium between creating strong and well developed characters, non-stop action and intriguing worldbuilding, with beautiful cities and landscapes, multiple cultures and magics with an hint of steampunk. It is one of this books that you can't just get enough of and I recommend it heartily!” — Javier Alvarez (Amazon Reviewer)