The Wharf Butcher by Michael K Foster

Book 12,345 in the Newcastle Crime Thrillers series

<b>They ruined his life. Now he is set to ruin theirs</b>

The murder of a farmer and his wife on a bleak Northumberland moor signals the beginning of another disturbing investigation for DCI Jack Mason.

Their bodies are carefully posed, the method is always the same, and yet the prime suspects all have iron-clad alibis.

It won’t be easy, as the inner workings of this killer’s mind will be difficult to decipher.

You’ll be hooked from the start by this addictive, award-winning crime thriller. There’s tension, suspense, and a plot full of unexpected twists and turns.

I am not normally a lover of criminal thrillers, but this book changed my perception. The author has thoroughly researched the subject, and his attention to detail is second to none. His descriptive text keeps the readers interest and wants you to turn the next page. It builds to a crescendo keeping you guessing and wanting the killer to be caught. I would